Diet Doc Announces Updated Diet Plans that Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels, Deliver Fast Weight Loss and Teach Patients how to Prevent Diabetes

Fargo, North Dakota (PRWEB) February 16, 2015

According to the CDC, more than 29 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes roughly 9.3 percent of the population. With the numbers for this disease growing rapidly, Diet Doc has taken a long hard look at ways in which their company can contribute to teaching people how to prevent diabetes.

The pancreas, a flattened, oblong gland is nestled deep within the abdomen, sandwiched between the stomach and the spine. An integral part of the digestive system, this gland produces insulin that regulates glucose in the bloodstream. Overconsumption of fatty, processed foods, as well as carrying excess body fat, can cause the pancreas to become inflamed or overworked, limiting its ability to produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels in normal, healthy ranges. The body will then become insulin resistant, leading to diabetes.

Staying at a healthy weight is one of the first steps in learning how to prevent diabetes. With this in mind, Diet Doc created their diet plans that combine todays advanced science and medical understanding with doctor-designed and medically supervised diet plans that have helped people throughout the country lose excess fat, improve their overall general physical and emotional health and prevent diabetes.

New Diet Doc patients will consult online with a Diet Doc physician before working closely with nutritionists to develop meal and snack plans that are compatible with their individual needs and encourage the body to target and attack stored fat that has nestled itself comfortably around the internal organs. To accelerate weight loss, qualified patients may choose to enhance their customized diet plans with prescription hormone diet treatments, appetite suppressants, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners. This powerful combination works flawlessly to flush stored fat from the system while eliminating hunger, food cravings and loss of energy during dieting.

Patients who follow the guidance of the Diet Doc experts report looking and feeling better and noticing the loss of pounds and inches within days. In fact, the majority of over 20,000 actual patients reported an amazing weight loss of 20 pounds or more per month.

Diet Doc works closely with patients throughout their weight loss journey and monitors progress, comfort level and attitude through scheduled weekly checkup calls. Patients learn how and why it is important to make healthy food choices to prevent diabetes and other weight-related health conditions.

The experts at Diet Doc are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a life free of the burden of dangerous and embarrassing excess fat and now educate their patients on how to prevent diabetes and other weight-related conditions through diet and nutrition. Diet plans are tailored to accommodate those who are struggling to lose 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more.

Call today to schedule a private consultation with the nations leader in medically supervised diet plans.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451



Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss


Corporate and Community Wellness Resources (CWR) Offers Proven Techniques to Help Live a Stress and Pain-Free Life

Southfield, MI (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Corporate and Community Wellness Resources, LLC was founded in June 2010 by Charlene Levine, CHC, LMT, and Dr. Bob Levine, a PhD holistic health clinician. They created a new, affordable online program, Stress and Pain Free Living. They teach people proven techniques for managing, and ultimately eliminating pain, stress and related conditions.

Stress and Pain Free Living teaches specific techniques for stress and pain management. According to Dr. Levine, Stress underlies most ill-health conditions and contributes to chronic pain. We teach people how to get relief from their pain, stress and other ill-health issues. Our goal is pain management that produces pain relief, and ultimately, pain elimination.

The program is effective at relieving sleep disturbance, anxiety, fatigue, feelings of depression, low energy, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, tobacco dependence, and loss of physical and mental performance. Once the automatic patterns are interrupted and replaced by wellness-sustaining patterns, people are free from their stress, and nerve and muscle dysfunction associated with chronic pain. Thousands of people have reduced and even eliminated pain in their back, neck, hip, shoulder, and knee using these pain management techniques. People make desired changes quickly and easily using this unique online program.

About Dr. Bob and Charlene Levine

Dr. Bob Levine, a PhD brain researcher and holistic health clinician, has helped thousands of people improve their heath and performance, and produce rapid and sustained behavioral change. Formerly the director of the Henry Ford Health System Center for Integrative Wellness, he is now the Vice President of Wellness Initiative and High Performance Strategies for CWR.

Charlene Levine, President and CEO of CWR, has a degree in communications and uses her expertise to help people eliminate miscommunication stress. She is a stress and pain management specialist, certified health coach for weight loss, and a mind-body connection expert.

Together, they create in-person and online programs for achieving stress and pain relief, as well as optimal health through weight loss. CWR also offers a free wellness platform to corporations that can enhance employee health and wellness as a means of reducing healthcare costs. The wellness platform, which can include in person and online programming, can stand alone or augment other corporate wellness programs. CWRs unique online programs for stress and pain relief are also available to individuals.

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Diet Doc Announces Their Recognition of Cancer Awareness Month by Promoting Diet Plans That Attack Stored Fat Leading to a Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2015

Although there is no direct scientific evidence that being overweight or obese actually causes breast cancer, it is known that the rate at which women are diagnosed with breast cancer significantly increases after menopause and that those who carry excess fat are at a much higher risk of developing this devastating and, oftentimes, fatal diagnosis. It is believed that, since fat tissue is the largest source of estrogen in postmenopausal women, the increased breast cancer risk may evolve from the higher levels of estrogen seen in overweight women. And, while many risk factors are out of ones control, it is thought that American women can reduce their breast cancer risk by consuming a healthy diet, less fatty and processed foods and losing dangerous excess fat.

Prime, Inc. Announces Driver Body Composition Study Results to Promote Healthy Lifestyles Among the Trucking Industry

SPRINGFIELD, MO (PRWEB) April 02, 2015

Prime, Inc., North Americas most successful refrigerated, flatbed and tanker trucking company, recently released preliminary results of their Driver Body Composition Study to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness among truck drivers nationwide.

According to a 2014 NIOSH study, truck drivers are more likely to have high-risk factors like hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity for chronic diseases. Today, Prime, Inc. publicized results from their Driver Body Composition Study in an effort to raise awareness among the trucking industry, an industry commonly recognized to overlook physical health and wellbeing.

From April to November 2014, Prime measured the body composition of over 100 drivers who enrolled in their Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) 13-Week Program. Using a method called bio-electric impedance, the company measured each drivers weight, body fat percentage, water weight, muscle mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, bone density, metabolic age, and physique rating.

The average weight of all drivers, men and women, was 268 lbs. In addition, the average body fat for all DHF participants was 40%. The visceral fat rating, which is a measure of the fat surrounding the internal organs in the belly area, was an average of 18.

What the preliminary study shows us is that the drivers in Primes fleet tend to be healthier than most truck drivers, said Siphiwe Baleka, Primes Driver Health and Fitness Coach. Nationally, 86% of truck drivers are overweight and 69% are obese. We track the BMI of the entire Prime fleet and currently only 56% of our drivers are obese. Weve set up programs to reduce the average BMI of the fleet to less than 30%, the percentage cut off for obesity.

While there is not enough complete aggregate data on the overall effect of the DHF 13-Week program, the average weight loss of drivers that have completed the program is 20 lbs. Over 80 drivers have lost 7% of their body weight or more in 13 weeks without skipping meals and, as a result, they have reduced their risk for 60 medical disorders and 12 types of cancers.

No other trucking company that I know of is tracking the health of its fleet in this way. Why take care of the truck and trailer if you are not going to take care of the driver, too? Baleka stated. Prime drivers are not only losing weight, theyre transforming their bodies. We believe this makes a healthier driver and a safer driver.

To learn more about Prime, Inc. visit For more information on Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness Program, contact Siphiwe Baleka at sbaleka(at)primeinc(dot)com.

About Prime Inc.

Founded in 1970 by Robert Low, Prime Inc. is North Americas most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and logistics trucking company. Headquartered in Springfield, MO, Prime’s personnel, equipment and technology remains on the cutting edge of the transportation industry, and the company’s growth remains steady and well-managed.


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AxoGen, Inc. Reports 61% Revenue Growth for the 2014 Fourth Quarter

Alachua, FL (PRWEB) March 05, 2015

AxoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXGN), a leading medical technology company focused on the peripheral nerve repair market, reported record revenue of $ 4.79 million for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2014 compared to $ 2.98 million in the year-ago fourth quarter demonstrating the Companys successful execution of its growth strategies.

Our strong fourth quarter revenue growth reflects the markets growing acceptance of our peripheral nerve repair products which is driving increased surgeon adoption of our unique product portfolio Avance

Obesity is dehydrating and drinking water promotes weight loss say fresh water advocates

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) March 05, 2015

Obesity can cause the human body to become dehydrated and increasing the amount of water one drinks each day can help promote weight loss in overweight individuals. Those were the conclusions of fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne and sports doctor Robert Weil, during a recent interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Powers of Water

UltraZx weight loss supplements recalled

UltraZx weight loss supplements recalled
UltraZx weight loss supplement is marketed as a dietary supplement used as a weight loss aid and is packaged in bottles of thirty (30) capsules of 300mg. The recalled includes all lots/bottles/packages, which were distributed from September 2014 until …
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How To Lose Weight In A Week – Forskolin Extract Is Today's Most Powerful
There are a huge number of weight reduction supplements that guarantee quick and practically mysterious results. While medicinal services stores and online retailers offer a wide mixed bag of items, a few supplements find their ubiquity increment by …
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Compound Derived From Tree May Be Next Big Thing In Weight Loss
Forget dieting and exercise. Researchers found that a new drug called 7,8-DHF could give women the weight loss effects they want without having to eat less or exercise more. Now, that's another pot of gold for the gigantic weight loss industry cashing …
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Metabo379: Review Examining BioTrust Nutritions Newest Fat Burning Supplement Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Metabo379 is a newly released product that is catching a lot of attention. It is combination of two exotic plant extracts into ones diet that will see metabolism and weight loss go into overdrive. This has caught the attention of HealthyandFitZone.coms Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Our Metabo379 review shows that it is a fat burning supplement in capsule form that you simply take each day. Its a brand new combination of two exotic plants (called SigmaLean) that have been scientifically proven to get human metabolism to go into overdrive, which means you burn calories literally on a 24/7 basis, even when youre asleep, reports Stevenson. It is backed by two clinical trials and hard science that shows taking the supplement can give you up to 3.79 times the weight loss than simple dieting alone. In fact, if you want to lose weight and look good, this supplement can really make all your exercise and dietary efforts work in the way you hope.

The Metabo379 review shows that it works by inhibiting fat cell creation and growth. It stimulates the breakdown of fat cells to ensure that the body works to its maximum fat burning potential. The potent combination of the plant extracts of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcina Mangostana (SigmaLean) literally inhibit the multiplication of fat cells in the body. Not only does the supplement contain these two incredible plant extracts, but its been given a super charged boost with the addition of another unique ingredient known as Certified BioPerine; a black pepper extract. This makes it the only product in the world today that contains the potent combination of the three ingredients.

This is the only dietary supplement on the market today that contains the combination of three potent, all natural compounds. This is a complete antidote to all the dieting youve probably done over the years, says Stevenson. Not only does it help you to lose weight, but it also increases your energy levels and improves your mood at the same time. This action of the supplement literally causes your body to burn calories every minute of the day and night. In addition, it comes with a free copy of The Top 10 Metabolism Boosting Foods, which means you can ramp up your weight loss even more, just by choosing to eat your favorite foods.

Metabo379 is suitable for each and every one of us, thanks to the fact that its made of purely natural products. This little baby is a great way to speed up your weight loss without having to resort to drastic methods, or taking anything that is detrimental to your health. Its great to see the science behind the concept, and the fact that all the clinical trials were carried out on humans, not rats or mice. In a nutshell, we have to say that this supplement certainly did step up to the mark. Were impressed by the supplement and this is a fab product that certainly gets the thumbs up from us, Stevenson continues.

Those wishing to purchase Metabo379, or for more information, click here.

To access a comprehensive Metabo379 review, visit

Phentermine : My FAQ Video ( Weight Loss / Prescription Medication )

These are the most frequently asked questions I get asked. Hope they help! Stay encouraged, Ashley Reis.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey guys! todays video shows you how to make an at home weight loss aid. They are really effective at boosting your metabolism and reducing your appetite, but you need to be careful when using…
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Naturae Vita Supplements, a New Brand of Scientifically-Supported, Doctor-Approved Health Supplements Announces the Launch of its New Product Line.

Smithtown, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Naturae Vita Supplements is now offering its new line of health supplements, all formulated with the highest quality of natural ingredients to cater to the most discerning of health enthusiasts. Naturae Vita prides itself on being more selective in product development and ingredient choices than other supplement companies on the market. Naturae Vita caters to customers who demand the most thoroughly researched and well-developed products in the entire supplement industry.

As such, Naturae Vita is excited to offer its new product line to consumers. MaleMega, a complete masculine health and rejuvenation supplement, is based on a US Army discovery in its quest to create a stronger, healthier soldier. It offers head-to-toe physical rejuvenation for men. ExerSlim helps melt stubborn fat away effortlessly and safely due to its ability to simulate the fat-burning and health-boosting benefits of exercise.

The Naturae Vita product line will include products backed by trusted health experts, including Dr. Marcus Laux, a former regular on Healing Quest, the long running weekly PBS TV series where he presented his Natural Medicine Update. Dr. Laux has recently remarked on MaleMegas revolutionary formula stating, The Armys breakthrough is a result of their multi-billion dollar investment in building the fitness and health of our soldiers of all ages for prime performance, and now its available to civilians like us!


About Naturae Vita Supplements:

Naturae Vita Supplements is a brand of scientifically-supported and doctor-approved health products formulated with the highest quality ingredients for various health concerns for men and women, including weight loss, digestive health, anti-aging, energy & vitality, and more. All Naturae Vita products are produced in full compliance with all Federal regulations, as well as the highest industry standards for product quality, purity, safety and potency. They also offer a full money-back guarantee to any customer who is not 100% satisfied with their purchase. To learn more about Naturae Vita or its new line of high end products, call 1-866-838-6949 or visit

Energy Drink Market – History, Growth, Projections, Trends and the Uncertain Future of Energy Drinks

The energy drink market does not seem to stop its rapid growth. Energy drinks have made themselves a staple in certain sectors and has begun to branch successfully into several other niche sectors.

When a large number of consumers jumped into the energy drink craze, the big energy drink companies began producing more extreme (and some might say, more shameless) products. When another group voiced their opposition to what they saw as big companies pushing unhealthy drinks to the youth, the companies began producing alternatives that were marketed towards the health-conscious sector looking for natural and healthy benefits.

Now it seems there is a specific type for everyone. Although the growth of the energy drink market has slowed since the original explosion a few years back, it has yet to stop. It seems the market has been established and these drinks are here to stay. Despite the continual surfacing of numerous reports indicating the dangers of the high levels of caffeine in these drinks, it seems the energy drink companies feel the health dangers and concerns are worth the risk considering the massive profit.

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Weight Loss & Sports and Energy Drinks – What Role Do They Have in Weight Loss?

Sports and Energy Drinks – Who Needs Them?

Sports drinks have become a staple of American athletics. Every major sports team including the NFL, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR, are sponsored by and use sports drinks. Given the large amount of calories and sugar in the drinks, the issue is who needs them and do they quench thirst and really rehydrate people?

Physical activity of any kind exposes everyone to the possibility of dehydration. Numerous factors determine how one sweats and therefore how much water replacement will be needed during and after exercise. Fluid replacement depends on environmental factors including temperature, sun exposure, humidity, and wind, as well as the intensity and duration of the activity. Not only is there a difference between different activities, but between individuals; some people simply sweat more than others and need greater fluid replacement.

Excessive dehydration is as a loss of a body weight of 2% or greater with physical activities. Thus a 160 lb person is dehydrated if he loses 3.2 lb. or more during an event. They use average sweat rates (the amount of fluid lost per hour during exercise) to predict the possibility of dehydration. Here are some sports performed outside and the average sweat rates: basketball- 1.4 liters/hour, soccer -1.5 liters/hour, tennis -1.7 liters/hour and running 0.75 liters/ hour (at a speed of 5 mph.).

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Raw Food Diet – Can it Be Another Unexplained Cause of Infertility?

I. What is a raw food diet?

The raw food diet is defined as a type of diet of which at least 75% of the daily diet must be unprocessed and uncooked foods or foods can not be heating above 115 degree of Fahrenheit or 40 °C , including fresh fruit and vegetables and raw meats. It believes that the more raw food in your diet, the more healthy you are. While there are many benefits for people eating raw, such as increasing energy for our daily activity, improving skin appearance, assisting digestive process, stability weight loss with no risk of weight re-gaining, reducing the risk of heart and chronic diseases, because the diet contains high in trace minerals, essential vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals and less harmful substances, such as trans fat, saturated fat and salt, but it interferes with the natural process of human being over thousand years of eating cooked foods, such as smaller jaws and teeth , shrinking stomachs have shrunk, and longer small intestines and lengthening the digestive surface area.

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